– Colour: black.
– 4 in 1 electric wine bottle opener set – easily enjoy wine, enjoy life.
– The electric wine bottle opener kit includes a complete set of wine accessories:
– One-touch operation opener – 3 easy steps, removes a cork in seconds, great for wine lovers.
– Vacuum removable wine stopper – made from food grade material, extends freshness up to 7 days by removing air in the bottle.
– Twist paper cutter: remove the stamps with a quick twist, avoiding the use of corkscrew in a dangerous and difficult way, and it can be locked at the bottom of the wine opener to avoid hurting the

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Battery-operated 4-in-1 electric corkscrew set includes vacuum pump stopper, foil cutter, aerator and red wine dispenser
– Drip-less wine pourer: bottle pouring spout ensures that the wine pourer is made of food grade material and ergonomic design, predictable flow control.


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